Success Stories


At Profectus Performance, we love nothing better than to hear your success stories. As your mentors on your fitness journey, we really appreciate knowing about the difference we’ve made in your life. Tell us how you feel about us—we’d love to know how you’re crushing your goals!

  • Joe Mueller and Jess Fritsch (Profectus 2017 Cutest Couple)

    Before joining Profectus Performance, we were stuck in the same cycle of running, elliptical training, and going to the gym just to get on a treadmill. We’d be bored in about 2 weeks and would give up. I convinced Joe to try out Profectus thinking it would be perfect for him, not believing it was something I could ever do. The weightlifting and the workouts seemed too intimidating to me. After one session, KT told Joe to bring me along and I’ll be forever grateful that I went! We were both instantly hooked. We’ve finally found a regimen that works for us- it’s always different, always challenging, and always fun! We’ve met an amazing group of people and we love reaching new milestones and working harder than we ever knew we could! Jumping all in to a new fitness regimen was one of the scariest things we’ve done together, but we’re so glad we made the leap!

  • Taryn Duvall (Profectus member since 2013)

    Prior to joining Profectus Performance my health and fitness routine was self-guided and heavily focused on cardio training like treadmills and elliptical machines while occasionally attending group yoga and pilates classes. I was satisfied with my methods until I tried my first class at Profectus Performance. This style of group training class that incorporated weightlifting and high intensity training helped me realize what I was missing: 1) having a trainer program my workouts eliminated the guess work and burnout that comes along with the redundancy of only “doing what you know”, 2) I hadn’t been working out at an intensity that would provide me real results, and 3) group training builds lifelong friendships and accountability. I’ve used equipment I never would have had the guts to picked up, even if it was available, at my previous gyms like heavy sandbags and barbells. The coaches at Profectus Performance have safely trained me through two pregnancies, including the all important “4th trimester” of recovery and rebuilding. They’ve taught me the importance of food, helped me create lifestyle diet changes, and recommended effective supplements that won’t break the bank or fail to fulfill advertised promises. The coaches are top notch and highly educated in their field; they’re focus on safety by the way they program workouts and tailor movements to each members capabilities is worth every penny. It may be called group training, but I’ve always gotten the one-on-one attention I needed. The facility is one I’ve watched grow over the past 4 years to boast some of the best, innovative fitness equipment; the best part, the owners are constantly reinvesting in new, cool gym toys! The workouts are hard, but I’ve never walked out of there regretting the intensity and effort I put in. The members come from all stages in life to create an accepting and supportive environment. You’re guaranteed to make great friends who will celebrate your successes and hold you accountable. I know personally how intimidating trying a new gym or new type of workout regimen can be, but if you give Profectus Performance a try you won’t regret it! In fact, you may learn how to do your first pull up or get that abdominal definition you’ve been tirelessly crunching away at for years.

  • Kory Duvall (Profectus member since 2012)

    Like many others, I spent years in a traditional gym performing the same workout routine over and over week after week. Every so often I would devote hours reading fitness magazines in order to change my routine only to realize a few movements and reps were actually altered. I always felt my workout regime was adequate but the quality was certainly poor. This coupled with the lack of motivation and frequent interruptions, I regularly spent more time than necessary at the gym. These were the main reasons why I started attending Profectus Performance. The constantly changing workouts are never dull, the class times fit easily into my schedule, and the class environment helps satisfy my competitive nature. The owners coach proper technique and are well versed in nutrition and fitness. They continue to invest into the gym and the equipment is top notch. I highly recommend Profectus Performance and I look forward to all the positive changes they will bring in the future.


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