At Profectus Performance, we love nothing better than to hear your success stories. As your mentors on your fitness journey, we really appreciate knowing about the difference we’ve made in your life. Tell us how you feel about us—we’d love to know how you’re crushing your goals!

I have had an absolutely fantastic experience with Profectus Performance. KT, Willie and Lindsey are fantastic coaches who are very approachable and really care about their members. If you follow their advice you will lose weight and also become stronger!!! 10 out of 10
They have a variety of workouts that anyone from experienced to beginner can perform and leave the end of a workout with a sweat, a smile, and a sense of confidence. You build not only your muscles but a good, strong support team that’s nothing but encouraging in your journey to health and fitness. The coaches are knowledgeable and a great source of help. Highly recommend!
This gym is amazing! The coaches are totally supportive and they help push you! My favorite part is they realize not everyone is doing this to be competitive! They understand the balance in life and are their to help you navigate it! The workouts are unique, challenging and will push you to new levels!!!
This is a place without judgement. Most days I am the biggest girl in class BUT the other members and coaches are so encouraging and never make me feel bad about myself. Everyone wants you to succeed there! I can’t see myself belonging to any other gym. I’m building and using muscles I didn’t even know I had 🤣
Great gym with motivating trainers and challenging workouts. New workouts daily. Never did the same routine twice so never got bored. Meal plans provided for a total body transformation. Put in the work and you ll see results!
At Profectus Performance they truly care about you becoming a more happier and healthier person. The support they give you is unbelievable. they actually make it enjoyable to work out I look forward to my workout sessions. I walk away with a real sense of pride.
I really enjoyed Profectus Performance. They take their gym very seriously and make you feel right at home. The people all around are very encouraging and I cannot thank them enough for all they did for me through my 6 week challenge. Would recommend for someone trying to get back on track, an elite athlete, and everyone in between. Go check this place out for yourself!
Love everything about this gym! Such a great environment, excellent coaches, and very welcoming members! Being new to the “cross fit world” I was pretty nervous about going to the classes, but everyone made me feel comfortable and was so encouraging! They also have various resources to help you be successful and achieve your fitness/health goals!
My boyfriend Bobby & I started at Profectus Performance in July... We did the 6 week challenge & we were both extremely happy with our results. The coaches & other gym members were so welcoming! I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is up for losing weight & gaining muscle!
I would highly recommend this gym. I was not familiar with the lifts/movements that are part of the workouts, but the coaches are phenomenal and have helped my form and confidence improve over the last year. They are also great at modifying workouts to fit each individual’s needs. I have also participated in a 6 week challenge at they gym. I was able to stick to the challenge through the support from the coaches and other members. The challenge really helped me in my fitness journey with nutrition. I never thought I would say I look forward to going to the gym, but I do! The community, equipment, and coaches are what make this place the best gym in the area. I am so happy I decided to join!
This place has a great atmosphere! The trainers/coaches are motivating, encouraging, knowledgeable and really work to keep members accountable. Members are friendly and encouraging as well. Highly recommend this place!
If you’re looking for a gym that has that support system and family aspect to it then this is the right place for you! The coaches are wonderful and so supportive every day that you are there. They care about you and your goals genuinely! No matter what your exercise goal may be, I have no doubt that they will help you reach that goal effectively and efficiently. I love going to the workout classes knowing that each day is different and it’s not the same old boring movements every time. They really challenge you to keep growing and getting better. I love that I made the decision to come to this gym and sit down with Katie to go over my goals! If you do the same, you won’t regret it! 😊
If your serious about loosing weight and gaining muscle this is the place. I completed the 6 week challenge with a loss of over 23 lbs. friendly atmosphere with well educated personal trainers. I can’t say enough good things about Profectus Performance. Come check them out and see for yourself.
Going to the gym at 57 and out of shape is, to me, intimidating. I have found, though, that this is not to be the case at Profectus Performance. Whether newbie like myself in their 6 week challenge or years long member and staff I have found community and support, greetings and smiles from new seasoned. Lots of sweat, but loving the experience there.
Outstanding coaching staff, and lots of personal attention. Expect to be pushed far beyond where you thought you could go, and be excited by how you feel. I've seen dramatic changes in myself in less than 6 months, but only b/c they took me to a new level. It's always hard, NEVER boring! The motivated people, constant drive for improvement, and a great facility keep me coming back.
I started coming to RB in 2013, I believe, and would recommend this gym, box, or fitness facility to anyone. I started with one on ones with Coach Willie, learning how to Olympic lift and some group classes. I currently do one on ones with Coach Katie to aid in my adaptive fitness due to my MS. I would recommend giving Profectus a chance, you won’t be let down. The coaches are above par.
This place has become my home away from home. Not only do I feel better than I ever have, I’ve met the most amazing people that will be life long friends. The coaches are awesome and truly care about every individual that walks through the door. Every workout is scaled to each individual and the setting couldn’t be more fun. I feel so blessed to be involved in such an amazing fitness community!
For me it's about the atmosphere that is promoted there. It's like a second family. I've made friends here that will last a lifetime. But don't let the tight-knit group of people scare you off. Everyone is very welcoming to new to group to this doesn't really matter. To top it off, pair that atmosphere with a very knowledgeable coaching staff makes for a great experience. The training is challenging and effective and the coaches really do care and look out for your safety.
By far the best gym experience I've had. Coaches are extremely knowledgeable and committed to tailoring the workouts to each person's needs. If you commit to showing up, even a couple times a week, you WILL see results.
The gym is excellent! They have a ton of equipment, the trainers are amazing and the class schedule is great, lots of options! The community is so fun, encouraging and respectful. It’s so nice to belong to a gym where everyone is interested in your best self and getting you to your goals.

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