Happy Birthday and Congratulations, KT!!

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming” – John Wooden


On the wall in my office hangs a poster of John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, headlined with the quote above. When I think of KT’s journey of qualifying for the 2019 CrossFit Games, I can recall countless moments over the years that represented each of the pyramid blocks as she built herself into an elite athlete. The base of the pyramid begins with ‘enthusiasm’; from the moment KT walked into the gym in December 2012 wearing basketball shorts, Nike running shoes, and batting gloves to avoid hand tears, she was genuinely excited every day to train. At the top of the pyramid is ‘competitive greatness’; being at your best when your best is needed, enjoyment of a difficult challenge. Now that she has qualified for the CrossFit Games as an individual and qualified for several of the top-tier competitions across the country, it’s easy to recognize her competitive greatness, especially in the manner in which she competes.

This is most often when we recognize the success in others, the end result after all the work has been done. What I find most meaningful are all the years where KT slowly built her pyramid of success. Years of displaying industriousness, intentness, ambition, adaptability, and initiative toward her goal of qualifying for the CrossFit Games. I’ve been fortunate to witness this process, all the failures, all the successes, the road to success that is always under construction and KT never wavering in her intent to get where she wanted and believed she could be. My favorite moment of KT’s CrossFit journey will always be when she first displayed the pyramid blocks just under competitive greatness; poise and confidence. The last year she competed at The Granite Games, she needed to win the last workout to finish in 3rd place and bring home a big check for the first time. Anyone familiar with competitive CrossFit knows it’s nearly impossible to predict an event win with the number of variables constantly at play. I will never forget the 30 minutes leading up to that last event, the poise in her approach and the confidence that she was the only one that could win the event. She did win the event, and since that moment I have never underestimated her competitive capabilities. When her best is needed, she’s at her best. 

Today is KT’s 28th birthday! I could not be more proud of not just what she has accomplished, but in the way she has gone about it and the course she’s stayed and worked through every obstacle in her way. She is an inspiration to all of us and a constant example that success is a process available to anyone willing to put the time and effort in to develop their own pyramid of success. Today is her birthday and as I am typing this she on the gym floor working through one of her three sessions for the day in preparation for the Games in just a few short weeks. If you see her today give her a high five, a virtual one if necessary.