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5 Gym Bag Essentials For Fit Chicks

As I’m coming up on my 5 year anniversary with CrossFit, I put together a list of my everyday essentials for keeping myself fresh, clean, and fierce. Us CrossFit girls might be rough and tough in the gym, but we still like to feel like ladies and enjoy the comforts of a good beauty routine and a silky pair of shorts. This isn’t a plug for any companies, and I promise I get nothing if you buy these products, just things I genuinely love. Click the price description to buy and stock up your gym bag essentials!

1. Olay daily clean wet cleansing wipes


I first found these bad boys after I had rotator cuff surgery in October (thanks Sarah!), and I couldn’t shower for the first few days because of my stitches. After that, it hurt so much to move that I definitely wasn’t getting the job done in the bath tub. These wipes made me feel more like a human and less like the monster from Swamp Thing. Fast forward two months to today. I might be fully capable, but let’s be honest, who has time to shower every single time you feel a little funky? Immediately after every workout? These wipes smell absolutely amazing and don’t leave that weird residue on your skin like baby wipes or makeup removing wipes.

Performance: 10/10
Price: 10/10 (30 pack for 4.99 at Target!)


2. Dove Refresh + care dry shampoo


I promise I’m not only picking products for how good they smell, but Dove is top notch in the smell department. I like all their products, but this dry shampoo gets me through at least 3 days between washing. It lasts all day and doesn’t leave your hair feeling like a brillo pad or looking like someone dumped a container of baby powder on your head. It’s perfect for mornings when you have to leave the gym and go to work or nights where you finish your workout and head straight out for tacos with your amigas.

Performance: 9/10 because I’m still waiting for the product that just lets me avoid ever actually washing my hair
Price: 10/10 (5oz for less than $5 at most stores)


3. FLEO shorts


I’m basically the opposite of a name brand snob. I was raised in hand me downs and clothes from Walmart by my own choice. Even now, most of my workout gear was either free, bought on super clearance, or with my CrossFit trainer discount. But these shorts….they’re just magical. They’re so soft and they don’t bunch up on your thighs or give you a wedgie. They come in different cuts and lengths, from low rise to high rise, 4, 3.25, and 2.5 inch inseams, and the biggest variety of colors and prints I’ve ever seen. If you’re one of those girls who is scared to rock spandex in the gym, JUST DO IT. They have magical powers to make your butt look extra nice. These shorts are the only ones worthy of gracing your legs. Funny enough, my first pair was given to me (thanks Nicole!) but I don’t think I will ever buy another brand of shorts. Unless they’re on super clearance of course. Most of the Fleos on their site are between $40 and $45, but they have lots of holiday sales and clearance items.

Performance: 17823478/10
Price: 8/10 because I’m cheap!


4. Neosporin + pain relief


If anyone has ever torn their hand at the gym, you’ve heard my spiel about the magic of Neosporin and bandaids. (Look for another post closer to the Open for more details there.) But Neosporin is arguably the most versatile thing I have in my bag. Chapped lips? Neosporin. Torn hand? Neosporin. Dry skin? Neosporin. Ingrown toenail? Neosporin (and band-aid). World hunger? Neosporin. Just kidding. But seriously, you can put it on pretty much any infected, sore, dry, bleeding, crevice of your body and it will help it feel better. PLEASE don’t waste your money on the overpriced Rip Fix type formulas on the CrossFit websites. At least not without trying it the old fashioned way first.

Performance: 9/10 (It can sometimes leave a goopy residue)
Price: 9/10 (It’s about $5 per .5oz at most drug stores)


5. Rx Bar


This is my favorite post-workout snack for a few reasons. Firstly, they have an insane number of flavors, including seasonal ones like pumpkin spice and gingerbread. Drool. I’ve tried 10 or so and never had one I didn’t like. Secondly, unlike a lot of “protein” bars, they boast a pretty clean list of ingredients, literally right on the front of the label in big block letters. Nice marketing, and there are no surprises when you bite into it. It pretty much tastes like all those ingredients are having a nice little party in your mouth with no uninvited guests. They also fit well in my macros, depending on the bar. Most of them are pretty close to 50% carbs, 25% fat, 25% protein.

Taste: 9/10 (because it’s not a cheesecake Blizzard)
Price: 9/10 The cheapest I’ve seen them is $26 for a 12 pack at GNC, but you can get them at most grocery stores. Even Walmart!

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