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Fitness Community and Why it Matters

Belonging to a community influences our behaviors. A great workout program does nothing if nobody follows it, and the best nutrition advice does nothing if it feels like too much work, even when we know the potential fitness benefits outweigh staying where we are. Having a support system and relationships with others who don’t mind holding you accountable to your goals makes all the difference.

At Profectus Performance, we are collectively drawn to pushing our limits. We don’t fear judgment for dying on the floor after a workout, or grunting through a lift to get a PR, very unlike what you find in traditional gyms. This mindset helps us reach our goals and find new limits we didn’t think were possible.

The culture of a Gym is so important because the fitness community provides us all with the opportunity to feel supported, to be extrinsically motivated, and to belong to something bigger than ourselves. When everyone gets involved, we are all linked by common experiences, and by the idea that we are working toward common goals. This is a great platform to build healthy relationships and friendships that can influence us in a positive way. We can receive encouragement, advice, accountability and have a great time getting fit!

You create opportunities by taking risks. Risks like putting yourself out there to build relationships, opening yourself up to outside input, listening to different coaches…These are all opportunities to increase awareness and learn from a different perspective.

So, get involved! Encourage each other to get through workouts. Support each other and check in with people to see if they’re doing what they need to in order to reach their goals. By involving everyone in more shared experiences, and even shared suffering, we naturally build bridges that connect us as a whole. That’s an opportunity not everyone gets to experience. So instead of being the first one out the door, be the first one to introduce yourself to a new face, or the first one to encourage someone else to finish a workout. Everyone has a role within a community; find yours!

“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.” -Coach Greg Glassman

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