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“First make your habits, and then your habits will make you.” At Profectus Performance, we understand that the path to a healthy lifestyle is the sum of small daily changes, not large sweeping ones. You want to make a change, but you need something realistic and doable. Something you can actually stick with. Something that doesn’t feel overwhelming. The Lifestyle Foundations e-course is designed with exactly that in mind. You’ll discover the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and how to implement them into simple, achievable goals. We will cover such topics as sleep, prioritizing outside activity, gratitude, meditation, planning with intent. Over 6 weeks, each daily lesson will guide you one step at a time on your journey to better health and wellness, mind and body alike. At the end of 6 weeks, you’ll look back at the sum of your small daily changes and see how much impact they truly can make as a whole.

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